There's a place for you!

Are you looking for friendship and a place to grow in your faith?  This is the place to be! The Women of Living Branch Church is a community of women who love God with their whole heart and want to grow and serve Him. We come together to encourage and inspire each other, creating lasting friendships for a lifetime. Come as you are, you'll be loved.


Natalie Taylor

     Natalie Taylor, with over two decades of dedicated ministry experience, has been a catalyst for healing within communities through counseling, prayer, and transformative encounters. As a former executive pastor, she led her local church and staff, leaving an indelible mark.
     Natalie, a devoted wife and mother of two, hosts "The Table with Natalie Taylor," a podcast that fosters genuine conversations inspiring and uplifting others. Her passion lies in empowering individuals and organizations to discover their identity and uncover their purpose, igniting a life of fulfillment. Whether engaging one-on-one or addressing crowds, Natalie's commitment is to instill hope, leaving lasting guidance that propels individuals and organizations to live fully alive.

Donna Burton

       Donna Burton is an embodiment of steadfast commitment, dedicating 50 years to full-time ministry. With a heart that cherishes family, Donna has joyfully navigated 59 years of marriage, nurturing a legacy of love and dedication. Her three children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren are the cherished treasures in her life.
     While her passion lies in ministry, Donna finds immense joy in spending cherished moments with her loved ones, especially relishing camping adventures alongside her husband.
     A beacon of wisdom, Donna Burton continues to inspire and transform lives, sharing her unwavering faith and profound insights. Her dedication serves as an inspiration, igniting a fervor for spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of God's boundless love.

Brooke Pierce

     Brooke Pierce and her husband, Josh, are Executive Pastors at Grace Woodlands in The Woodlands, TX. She oversees community outreach and women's ministry and has a heart for helping people feel loved, connected, and cared for inside the church as well as in the community.
     She is also on a journey toward minimalism in her home and has a passion for sharing everything she has learned about it over the past few years. In her free time she loves reading (a lot), spending time outside, crafting, trying different foods, and being with her family and dogs. She has known Josh all of her life, and they have been married for 18 years. They have 3 kids - Landon (12), Nate (9), and Summer Joy (1). They consider it a true blessing and privilege to serve the Lord and be in ministry together as a family.